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ICT Services

ICT Services

Computer Labs for Trainee Teachers

PCE has three  fully equipped computer labs with about 95 PCs with Internet speed of 20 mbps. WiFi  connection is also available throughout the campus and hostels. College’s main aim is that every trainee becomes computer literate and can access information through the Internet.

The IT Labs are open from 8 am – 8 pm  all the days including government holidays.


All classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors for effective teaching and learning.

Maintenance & Support

ICT Unit offers advices and supports concerning questions and problems related to ICT. Staff and trainee can get maintenance services for their personal computer and laptop from ICT Unit.

Guidance and Counseling:

The College will provide face-to-face counseling service to trainees to deal with your personal, social, study and work-related issues for individuals and groups.This service is purely confidential and it will be offered to all trainees regardless of gender, age, disability, and other backgrounds. It is staffed by a team of mature and trained people who are accustomed to helping people for many years in this institute. This service is not the same as giving advice. Rather, we will seek to help you to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern you. We will listen to your concern and offer our support in a non-judgmental or non-critical manner. We will respect your values, choices and lifestyle. We will help you explore your feelings and may try to help you discover what lies behind your concern and can help you to make better decisions, choices or changes that are right for you.

Therefore, we urge all of you not to wait until a problem has grown very serious – we would like to help you when your concern is relatively minor, so that it can be resolved more quickly. Further, if you are interested, career services such as career adaptability skills, future career prospects, life skills and other career related services will be offered in this session. For your information, this service will be spearheaded by Warden, Matron, Class/House Advisors, and in severe cases the session will be conducted by counseling co-ordinator of the College.

Student teachers are divided into eight houses. Any kind of difficulty – be it academic, social, emotional or physical can be shared either in groups or individually with the House Advisor and/or Class Advisor. The College would also like to encourage Peer Counseling amongst the student teachers. For this purpose Mr. Karma Nidup is assigned the responsibility as the Co-ordinator of Guidance and Counseling.