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Welcome to the Paro 2024 International Symposium, “Reimagining Education from a GNH Perspective”, hosted by the Paro College of Education. 

The event is devoted to exploring an education paradigm that represents education’s highest potential. The symposium is designed to allow a creative and collaborative space for meeting, sharing, learning, and reimagining education in the 21st century based on the framework of Gross National Happiness (GNH).


GNH is a Bhutanese developmental paradigm that seeks to find a balance between materialistic gains and sustainable and equitable human development. The underlying principles are informed by a holistic understanding of individuals, community, society, ecology, and life.


In 2010, Bhutan’s Ministry of Education introduced a whole country “Educating for GNH” initiative. The program was designed to infuse GNH-based values and principles, such as awareness, kindness, respect, compassion, gratitude, and resilience, into all aspects of school life. In retrospect, compared to the original vision, the program has achieved limited outcomes, due to challenges with implementation, program development, assessment, scaling, and sustainability.


However, Bhutan is poised now to engage in a renewed focus on GNH-based education. The Royal University of Bhutan and Paro College of Education are taking the lead to re-initiate an academic dialogue for furthering understanding and action, based on the profound philosophy of GNH, so that this framework can enhance the quality of education for a better humanity.

We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded scholars, educators, thought leaders, institutes, organizations, and colleges, from around the world. Together, we hope to weave new professional networks, integrate our creative insights, and activate and mobilize our collective wisdom for a better future and world.


Nidup Dorji

Vice Chancellor



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