Karma Yeshey

Professional biography

Karma Yeshey is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan, since March 2021. He mainly teaches mathematics and mathematics education courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He brings a considerable amount of relevant experience and expertise to the job he does at the College, having been a mathematics teacher (1999-2002), a mathematics curriculum coordinator, curriculum officer and curriculum developer with the Ministry of Education (2003-2016), a private consultant (2016-2020), and an adjunct lecturer at Samtse College of Education (Spring 2018).

He played a leading role in reforming school mathematics curriculum in Bhutan, from its inception in 2003 through a decade-long intensive engagement with the reform process, which saw the implementation of a new, and on par with international standards, mathematics curriculum across all grades levels of PP-12 by 2013.  He believes that an excellent mathematics curriculum will naturally drive good teaching and good assessment practices to a good extent.  It also positively influences teacher preparation. Ultimately, it will create mathematical success for all the students.  He puts a claim that some of these are already visibly experienced, albeit incrementally. Such being the case, he is happy to continue to serve, now as a teacher educator, for the cause of mathematics in the country.

                                               He was a member of validation panel (2020) for the introduction of Master of Education in Primary Mathematics programme at Paro                                                         College Education in 2021. In addition he wrote three modules for this programme, which he also teaches at the College.                                                                             

                                                   Email:   karmayeshey.pce@rub.edu.bt