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Royal University Sports Federation of Bhutan (RUSFoB) under the aegis of Bhutan Olympic (BOC) asserts the importance of sports and became the member of the Federation for International University sports (FISU). As a way forward, University sports in Bhutan committed at its capacity to promote in various perspectives (RUSFoB, 2006 pp. 1, ART 12.5):

RUSFoB is formed within university... [ Read More]

The International Association of Art in Early Childhood biennial conferences aim to connect those around the world who have an interest in the visual arts for young children. These conferences provide a forum for an exchange of ideas about young children and the visual... [ Read More]

  • Monday, 01 August 2016

    Picture Story: On July 30, a Sports Clinic course for officials in four disciplines: basketball, football, volleyball and futsal was conducted in the college for the first time. The course helped the officials in updating new rules in respective disciplines.

  • Monday, 01 August 2016

    Picture Story: Starting this semester the College SUPW, Professional development programmes and Seminar series are shifted to Saturday. This is done because club activitiesand professional development programmes on Wednesday afternoons were not successful. The other reasonis classroom shortage - with the new intake there was shortage ofclassrooms and so Wednesday afternoon is used for teaching.