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The Sherig Lyonpo’s Visit

His Excellency the Sherig Lyonpo, Norbu Wangchuk and officials from Ministry of Education visited Paro college of Education on 22nd September 2017. In an hour talk with the final year students, His Excellency emphasized on the inspirational, competent, passionate, resourceful and proactive teachers to tackle educational challenges skillfully. He said, “If there is silver bullet to achieve His Majesty’s dream that silver bullet is a teacher”.

In a separate meeting with the faculty, His Excellency shared about the major educational reforms – in the school front, curriculum front and teacher development front – that are in the process of implementations. He stressed his visit to the college was to reinforce collaborative work attitude of MoE and Colleges of Education. He also specifically mentioned that while the educational reforms are initiated for the noble cause, our collaborative efforts will yield better result.

   Sonam Yuden 4PCC

    Namgay Lhamo 4PCC


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