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Scholarship for the top self-funding student starting 2018

A full scholarship for a semester will be awarded to anyone self-funding student in all the full-time programmes at all levels starting spring semester 2018, provided he/she fulfills the criteria given below:

 1. He/she should be a full-time student on any of the full-time programmes offered by the College.

2. He/she should have scored a minimum aggregate of 70% in the past semester.

3. Teaching Practice marks will not be counted for the scholarship.

4. He/she should have topped amongst all the self-funding students at a given level of a given full-time programme.

5. He/she should not have received any scholarship or sponsorship from any party in the semester the College scholarship is granted.

6. He/she should agree that scholarship includes tuition waiver, and it is meant for one semester only.

– College Management