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Roles and Responsibilities

EEU’s Roles and Responsibilities

Mission of EEU 
Adding to the sustained realization of the vision, mission, and core values of the Paro College of Education, EEU promotes quality and equity in teacher education by providing space for fair and valid assessments and related services to student teachers so that their knowledge, skills, and competences are objectively assessed and evaluated to represent their development.

Service Users of EEU

  • Faculty
  • Student Teacher
  • College Management
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Ministry of Education
  • Royal Civil Service Commission

Service Focus of EEU

  • M.Ed (Educational Leadership & Management)
  • M.Ed (Dzongkha)
  • PDGE
  • B.Ed (Secondary)
  • B.Ed (Primary)
  • B.Ed (Primary, in-service)
  • B.Ed (Dzongkha)
  • B.Ed (Dzongkha, in-service)
  • ECCD
  • DSC

Service Set I: Question Paper

  • Notification of deadline for question paper setting
  • Receipt of question papers
  • Coordinating meeting for paper moderation logistics
  • Printing question papers for moderation
  • Receipt of moderated papers
  • Making appointment for printing question papers
  • Question paper printing

Service Set II: Mark Entry Forms

  • Development of mark entry forms
  • Notification of the availability of mark entry forms to faculty

Service Set III: Academic Toppers Award

  • Rank-order the marks of two semesters (one academic year) and identify academic toppers for year-wise and programme-wise awards by the HM Secretariat
  • Rank-order the marks of SEVEN semesters and identify academic toppers for award at the College Level
    – Programme level topper
    – Module level topper

Service Set IV: Examination Logistics

  • Development of examination timetable
  • Notification of final examination timetable
  • Development of examination invigilation roster
  • Development of examination room allotment and paper counts chart
  • Development of examination paper sorting team
  • Allotment of examination rooms for in-campus candidates •
  • Coordination of examination room allotment for in-campus candidates
  • Coordination with examination centres
  • Sorting and packing examination papers and other materials for examination centres
  • Coordinating exam centre payments • Conducting examination (In-service & Pre-service)

Service Set V:Paper Evaluation Logistics

  • Receiving answer scripts from examination centres
  • Coordination meeting on paper evaluation logistics
  • Paper evaluation
  • Refreshment arrangement
  • Moderation of marks or evaluated papers
  • Receiving marks from tutors

Service Set VI: Examination Result

  • Receiving marks from tutors
  • Development of consolidated results for PBE
  • Receipt of PBE reports
  • Coordination with ADM and Finance before declaring result
  • Coordination with ICT Unit for declaring results after CAC

Service Set VII:Academic Transcript

  • Develop consolidated mark sheets
  • Print academic transcript from consolidated results
  • Coordinate and sign academic mark sheets with DAA
  • Coordinate and dispense mark sheets

Service Set VIII:Reassessment Paper

  • Notification for setting reassessment question papers
  • Receive reassessment papers
  • Print reassessment papers
  • Develop reassessment timetable
  • Develop reassessment invigilation roster
  • Conduct reassessment exam
  • Dispense reassessment paper to tutor concerned
  • Receive reassessment marks from tutors
  • Coordinate PBE for reassessment marks
  • Declare reassessment marks in coordination with ICT
  • Change the consolidated result and mark sheet of the reassess candidates


  • Archiving examination documents

SERVICE SET X: Correspondence

  • Graduation list to OVC
  • Mark sheet to RCSC
  • Programme level-wise academic toppers list to OVC

Service Set XI: Professional
Development and Consultancy

  • PDs to faculty
  • On-demand Consultancy

SERVICE SET XII: Miscellaneous Service

  • Attend to out-of-schedule service demand
    – Demand for semester-wise academic transcripts
    – Demand for programme completion certificate
    – Demand for name changes in academic transcripts and certificates
    – Demand for duplicate academic transcripts