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PCE Media

PCE Media

Media and Democracy Club

The brief outline of the media club:

The World today is becoming more interdependent and connected. No matter where we live on Earth, we are all connected by Media. Media have a Persuasive effect on the lives of almost every person on earth.

Media as defined by Dorji, P. (2010), “Refers to the message and images that we create, using various technologies, and consume. In Bhutan media include the traditional oral media (word of mouth), the conventional media like newspapers, radio and television, and also internet. Now with the proliferation of mobile phones, the mobile has also become a medium for information and communication as all media coverage”.

Media reflect society and culture and are also tools with which we learn about the media and our community. Educationists describe media as the “consciousness industries” which not only provide information about the world, but are also way of seeing and understanding the world. The media inform us, entertain us, and connect us to the world. A media club is an association of students and teachers who have a genuine interest in developing an understanding of media and learning how to use media for communication: in other words, how to be media literate.

The media club would provide opportunities for special aptitude as well as life skills that the academic subjects do not fulfill. The club also offers opportunities for young people to develop this critical competency- and have fun in doing so. The media club will be updating the college news and produce a monthly newspaper regarding what is going in and around the college. Thinking all about the features of media club, we are starting the club for the first time in our College with some expectations to do our best for the welfare of the FUTURE LOPENS.

Aims of Media club:

The main purpose of a media club is to:

  1. Provide venue for writing
  2. Develop writing habits and enhance their writing skills
  3. Strengthen analytical thinking skills through writing
  4. Raise students’ awareness of the effects of media on themselves and society
  5. Update the news for the college web site
  6. Provide space for the youths to raise their voice
  7. Inform the college and community about the activities held around

We are immensely happy to come up with the first publication of newspaper in the college. The publishing ideas came after attending the media seminar held at Paro College of Education last year. The primary aim of coming up with this ideas is to give our trainee teacher a venue for the expression and encourage their writing habits.