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PCE Marks Literary Fest

PCE Marks Literary Fest

16th September was marked by a special event, never to be forgotten. Everybody who was present there was immersed in the literary world of fairytales, fables, Greek tales, horror stories and tragedies. The literary fest 2017 was organized by the literary club to celebrate literature and its richness. 15 members from each class were to dramatize a scene from any well-loved stories in a space provided within the academic block. The most challenging task for them was to make use of the limited space allotted to create a perfect setting for their drama and dramatic moves. There were 29 dramas playing concurrently and in full zeal.

The literary club advisor, Mr. Karma Dorji, said,” This idea of mass participation is to have 1000 plus students on board. In the past when quiz was conducted, only a handful of students were involved.” With a hope to expand opportunities, he said, “Next time we will have a preliminary round to screen 10 best performances for final round and have a common stage to make the event less time consuming.”

Sonam Choden, a participant said, “Compared to school, the college has more student-initiated activities and this was a platform to showcase our talents.” The participants had to enact a scene when the evaluators came for a specific time period and assessed their drama on the grounds of creativity, language and relevancy of the theme.

On asking about the overall performance of the participants, one of the evaluators, Chimi Dema seemed impressed. She said, “The stage preparation was very impressive, from natural material they have created something big which is outstanding, and some participants have creatively designed their own costumes.” One of the benefits of doing such an activity was an exposure to these creative literary activities. Phub Doley, the student-coordinator, said, “Today’s event will help us expand our knowledge of literature and learn to love reading. This opportunity will help us carry out similar events in the schools.“

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