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Ms. Jambay Lhamo’s Profile

Ms. Jambay Lhamo is currently working as a lecturer in Paro College of Education. She holds a Master degree in Education from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. In addition to a Master degree in Education, she also holds an MA in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, Colorado USA. Jambay Lhamo teaches Primary Science, Teaching Method in Lower Primary, Teaching Strategy, and Skills for effective teaching to the undergrads. She also teaches students of  Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development.

She developed modules for the diploma program of  Early Childhood Care and Development; Supporting Young Children’s Scientific Thinking and Guiding responsive and reciprocal relationship

Jambay Lhamo is also a science committee member for Royal Education Council (2013 – till date)

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 Book Chapters:

Daker, S. Lhamo, J. & Rinchen, S. (2016). Meditation: Jewel for reflective teaching. In M. Powietrzynska, & K. Tobin (Eds.), Mindfulness and educating citizens for everyday life (pp. 73-88). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Lhamo, J. Gayphel, K. Rinchen, S. & Daker, S. (2017). Dynamics of mindfulness for purposeful living. In M. Powietrzynska, & K. Tobin (Eds.), Weaving complementary knowledge systems and mindfulness to educate a literate citizenry for sustainable and healthy lives (pp. 79-87). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Lhamo, J. (2018). Contemplative wait time: pausing to cultivate compassion in the classroom. In K. Bynes, J. E. Dalton, & E. H. Dorman (Eds.), The teaching self: Contemplative practices, pedagogy, and research in education (pp.49-57).New York, USA:  Rowman & Littlefield    

 Research work in progress and research grants:

Implementing Educating for Gross National Happiness Initiative: A Case Study of a  

Primary School at Paro College of education (as co-author) College Annual research grants, Nu 80000/- ( Manuscript sent for Publication )

 Compassionate classroom teaching: Bhutanese teacher educators’ perspectives and Practices at Paro College of Education (As a lead author) College Annual Research grants, Nu 70000/- 


  • Primary Science education
  • Teaching Skills
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Contemplative Education


  • Reflective teaching-learning
  • Mindful teaching
  • Compassionate classroom pedagogy
  • Contemplative education