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Mr. Cheki Wangdi’s Profile

Position Title: Lecturer

Qualification: M.A, PGCE, B.A(H) Geo.

Teaching Experience: 18 years. Taught four years in MSS. Running 13 years teaching in the College. Teaching of Social studies, Bhutanese Education System, Teaching Skills, Education for Development, Teaching of Environmental Studies, Measurement and Evaluation, Teaching Strategy, and Leadership and Administration.

Attended Universal Human Values Workshop in Gedu College of Business Studies, 2012, GNH conference in Thimphu, RIM.

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Facilitated Teaching Skills Workshop in 2015 for mentor teachers.


Social Studies, Teaching Strategy, Teaching skill, Bhutanese Education, Education for Development, Leadership and Administrative Theories.


Teaching and learning and carry out research related works, review different modules, improve and update teaching learning materials, work together with colleagues and students for professional development, carry out social services in the community, conduct club activities, etc.