Rinchen Khandu

Professional biography

Rinchen Khandu, Associate Lecturer, is a teacher educator. He was born to a humble family in the remote village called Rinchen Zor, Norbugang Gewog under Pema Gatsel Dzongkhag.  After completing his secondary education from Sarpang Middle Secondary School, he joined the Institute for Language and Cultural Studies in Semtokha to pursue his higher education. He completed his BA in Language and Culture from the College of Language and Cultural Studies, Semtokha in 2008.


He then went on to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Paro College of Education and later served as a school teacher for two years in remote schools namely Rangtse and Sangbaykha Primary School in Haa District. In 2013, he joined Paro College of Education as an assistant lecturer. Currently, he teaches Dzongkha literature, teaching skills, Dzongkha of Communication, Teaching Strategy and research in the college. He has a deep personal interest in preserving and promoting Bhutan’s unique culture and heritage. He is also a passionate researcher in various fields including language, culture, Buddhism, flora and fauna to name a few. 

                                                                                         Email: rinchenkhandu.pce@rub.edu.bt