Becoming an PCE Alumni Member

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The PCE alumni network is aimed to create a vibrant community of PCE graduates involved in the life of the College and informed of its latest developments and its continued contributions to the development of education in Bhutan. The network shall also support PCE alumni in keeping their professional lives active and meaningful through virtual professional development programmes and other services.  The PCE Alumni Network will create a number of opportunities for the registered members, including the following:


  1. Alumni profiling: Registered alumni can access the alumni page on the PCE website where one can share especially made and high quality educational videos, feature stories, articles, or short research papers for wider dissemination. The videos or writings may be about individual initiatives, important events, educational programmes, historical facts about the place where the alumnus is based, to mention a few examples.
  2. PCE will have an Alumni Page in the College Newsletter where the life and works of selected alumni will be featured.
  3. The College will create an online portal in its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where an alumnus may post specific questions related to improvement of teaching and learning and get responses from the subject specialists in the College.
  4. Alumni will have access to PCE Digital Library for accessing educational resources.
  5. Selected research articles written by alumni will be published in PCE’s educational journals. In case of selected papers that meet the journals’ publication criteria, PCE may provide some editorial support.
  6. The College will provide occasional Professional Development (PD) programmes in fields related to teaching and learning and education in general through PCE’s Virtual Learning platform and via webinars.
  7. Alumni will receive invitations to attend professional development seminars and special events in the College.
  8. Alumni will receive digital publications and e-copies of PCE Newsletter by e-mail.

Useful Information


  1. PCE Alumni Network is run with the support and leadership of its Alumni Network Leaders appointed one each in all the twenty Dzongkhags. The Alumni Leaders will participate in online meetings with the PCE’s Alumni Network Development Committee and others as appointed by the committee.
  2. To become a registered member of the PCE Alumni Network, an alumnus shall pay Nu.1000 as an initial lifetime Registration Fee. A registered alumnus shall renew her/his membership each year by paying an annual renewal fee of Nu. 300. By paying the one-time registration fee and the annual renewal fee a registered member will be able to avail the professional development services and other benefits provided by the College.
  3. Since there are thousands of alumni to be registered, we have already started the alumni registration process. The Alumni Network will be officially launched in October 2020. With its launch, we will begin with the stated services in a phased manner.
  4. You will find the registration form attached. Please fill in the form and mail it to this email address:
  5. Please deposit the registration fee in this BoBL account number 202617560 under the name ‘Paro College of Education Alumni Fund’ and send the screen shot of the account transaction with the registration form.