Arjun Kumar Chettri

Professional biography

Arjun Kumar Chettri, is presently working at Paro College of Education as teacher educator. He joined the service in June 1987 as Mathematics teacher. In March 1990 he joined Paro College of Education as teacher educator. As the Head of the Mathematics Department, he lead the Mathematics lecturers in  designing the Primary Mathematics curriculum offered to the pre-service teachers. As a teacher educator, he conducted several workshops related to Mathematics, Teaching skills and assessment techniques. He was the team member in writing New Mathematics Curriculum from PP to class VI. He conducted workshops to familiarize teachers in the field, with New Mathematics curriculum. He facilitated several professional workshops at various institutions such as CNR, RIHS, KGUMSB, Reldri HSS to equip lecturers and teachers on assessment techniques, teaching strategies and teaching skills. As an Exam Coordinator at the college, he designed booklet on examination rules and regulation to be practiced at the college level examination. Since 2009 he had been offering Mathematics and professional modules in Distance Teachers Education Programme.