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Dr. Kinley Dorjee’s Profile


Dr. Kinley Dorjee is a senior lecturer in English and Applied Linguistics. His educational training and qualification include MA in Linguistics, PGCE in Teaching of English as Second Language, and Ph. D in English (Linguistics). Since 2003, he has been teaching at the college. His teaching experience includes teaching English Phonetics, English Grammar, Language Acquisition Theories and Methods, Action Research and Research Methodologies. Dr. Dorjee is also a member of the Higher Degree Research Committee of the Royal University of Bhutan, besides being an external examiner to the English Degree programme at the Sherabtse College. He has conducted extensive research on Dzongkha, Dzongkha tones and segments, borrowing in Dzongkha, Sociolinguistics of Dzongkha, among others. His research in education includes gender differences in learning English, Academic writing, and language pedagogy.

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 2016: Dzongkha phonemic inventory: An investigation into regional dialectal variations College Annual Research Grants, Nu.80,000/-

2016: An investigation into the characteristics of academic writing of the Royal University of Bhutan’s postgraduate students: A case study Annual University Research Grant: Nu. 80,000

2015: Phonological variation of the word-initial complex segments in Dzongkha: A sociolinguistic study.  Annual University Research Grant: Nu. 60,000

Consultancy Services

2015 – Impact assessment of the youth employment promotion programme, National Council of Bhutan, Bhutan

2015 – Opportunities and challenges of implementing inclusive education in Bhutanese schools: A case study UNICEF, Bhutan

2013 – Impact Assessment Survey of DYS Programs, Yoebar Consultancy, Bhutan

 Refereed Conferences and Seminars

2015 – National PhD conference. Promoting a knowledge based society Dzongkha segments and tones: A phonetic and phonological investigation, Conference Hall, Royal University of Bhutan, Thimphu

2013 – 5th Faculty Research Meet. Phonological variation of the word-initial complex segments in

Dzongkha: A sociolinguistic study. Conference Hall, Paro College of Education

2013 – 33rd International Society for Teacher Education. Gender and course based language performance by PCE student teachers: a quantitative study, Hong Kong

2013 – 5th Faculty Research Meet. Framing research question, research problem, and research intent,

Conference Hall, Paro College of Education.

2012 – 3rd RUB Research Meet. Course based language performance of of Paro College of Education student teachers, Conference Hall, Gaedu College of Business Studies.

2012 – 2nd Faculty Research Meet. Dzongkha Orthography: a rich source of phonological information rather than a learning obstacle. Gedu College of Business Studies, Gedu

2012 – National Seminar on ECCD. Understanding of neurolinguistic development in early childhood and its implication to early child care. PCE, Paro

2012 – Workshop on Tone and Intonation. An Acoustic Study of Dzongkha (Paro Dialect) Tones. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India (IIT)

2011 – 1st RUB Research Meet.  Four-way Stop Contrasts in Dzongkha: A Phonetic and Phonological Investigation, Conference Hall, RTC, Thimphu

2006 – Media and Culture. Cultural Imperialism and Linguistic Change, CBS,    Thimphu

2005 – 12th Himalayan Language Symposium & Linguistic Society of Nepal. Borrowing in Pasap-Kha, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

2004 – 10th Himalayan Language Symposium. Dzongkha Borrowing. Banquet Hall, Thimphu



English phonetics and phonology,

English Grammar,

English as Second Language (ESL) Education,

Training of language trainers


Phonetics and phonology of Tibeto-Burman Language,



Educational research,

Action research


Teacher training,

Pedagogy and strategies of teaching and learning,


Teaching and researching ESL,

Educational research,

Linguistic research: sociolinguistics, dialectology, phonetics and phonology.


Journal Articles

Dorji, K. (2015). Understanding of neurolinguistic development in early childhood and its implication to early child care, LangLit, 2 (1), 315 – 326.

Dorji, K. (2014). Linguistic landscape of Bhutan: An overview of number of languages, language policy, language education, and language use in, Bhutan Journal of Research and Development, 3, 87 -102.

Dorji, K. (2007). Borrowing in Pasap Kha, Rabsel-the CERD Educational Journal, 10, 108 – 123.

Dorji, K. (2006). Performance of class X students in language and grammar: A trend study, Rabsel – the CERD Educational Journal, 9, 119 – 176.

Conference/Seminar Proceedings

Dorji, K. (2006).  Second International Seminar on Bhutan Studies: Media and Public Culture in Bhutan, Cultural Imperialism and Linguistic Change: Impact of Cultural Imperialism on Dzongkha Borrowing, 121 -136