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CERD Seminar Series

Given there is an increasing number of faculty, staffs, students, and scholars getting engaged in research, the CERD organizes a monthly seminar series, to provide an avenue for these researchers to share their research work with other faculty, students as well as teachers and educators from schools nearby.

The seminar series can be either on a completed research work, work in progress or anything related to research that would help promote research culture.

These series are conducted every Third Wednesday of a month and takes place from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Centenary Lecture Theater, Paro College of Education.

The CERD extends invitation to anyone interested to take part inthis seminar series.They could take part as an audience or as presenters. The CERD believes that this will hugely benefit them atgainingas well as sharing new knowledge and skills. The participation is free of cost.

Any participants who wish to attend this seminar series could register with CERD at:

Phone:  08-271620/17892726


WELCOME to the seminar series. Let us make the difference!