Visit to Paro College of Education, Bhutan
ATTAIN EU partner visits Paro College of Education for Program week 19-26 November, 2022.
The execution of Erasmus Plus Project Accreditation and Training of Teacher Assistants in Bhutanese Schools (ATTAIN) is in its mid-term. Currently the Project is at the stage of developing curriculum framework and professional standards for the proposed Diploma for Teacher Assistants to be offered at Paro College of Education. During the recent visit to the University of Roehampton the project partners executed and finalized the module writing topic distribution among the tutors, allocation of the library resources, hands-on experience on SEN educators on UoR, SEN classroom resources, project finance planning for next work packages, quality assurance plan and planning for the visit to Bhutan.
As per the project work package 3 under the development phase the partners from University of Roehampton UK, Evalag Germany & University Leuven Limburg Belgium visited Paro College of Education RUB with successfully executing the following activities:
1. Project team continued with the module writing as per the assigned topics with thorough progress deliberation with subject expertise.
2. Planning approval for the program.
3. Presentation of Accreditation and Validation process.
4. Discussion on the library books, online journal & assistive device procurement.
5. Review of Professional standard and roles and responsibilities of Teacher Assistants.
6. Information on program document, module descriptor and module coding.
7. Review of work packages and way forwards.
8. Visit to schools with SEN program.