Consultative meeting
In the month of October 2021 from 4th – 5th, 11th – 12th & 19th – 20th, Paro College of Education (PCE) conducted a consultative meeting as a workshop series for the ATTAIN Project in Rinpung Campus Paro, Bumthang & Trashigang. Special educators, parents, teachers, principals and members from CSOs of disability organizations from Western, Central & Eastern regions attended the workshop.
During these two days consultative workshop series on each region, activities such as photovoice, world cafe and appreciative inquiry were conducted to understand the need of teacher assistant in schools and institutes that support SEN programs in Bhutan. This need analysis study involving different stakeholders will support and contribute in preparing the curriculum for the proposed teacher assistant diploma programme to be offered in PCE
A complementary training session on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focusing mainly on behavior management and modification was also conducted to the participants. The Faculty of Inclusive Education programme of PCE conducted the two days event. A similar workshop will be conducted in the Central and Eastern regions of Bhutan in the near future. This Project is supported by Erasmus Plus, European Union with partners from University of Roehampton (UK), University College Leuven Limburg (Belgium) and Evalag (Germany).