Dinning on Campus

Dining on Campus


Students living in shared rooms without kitchen and cooking facilities in the dormitories can avail meal services (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the Common Student Dining (CSD). Meals are also available on weekends. Students and staff who wish to take meals from the CSD can buy meal coupons before the meal. Some of the dormitories on campus have kitchen and cooking facilities. In these self-catering hostels, students have the option to cook their own meals. But if they still choose to avail meal facilities at the Common Student Dining, the can enroll for the meals at the CSD and pay their monthly meal service fees.

Inquiries about meals may be sent to the Student Service Officers and the staff in charge of student dining:



Mr. Tempa Gyeltshen
Residence Coordinator ( for men )
Mobile: 17760197
Email: tempagyeltshen.pce@rub.edu.bt



Ms. Choki Yuden
Mobile: 17711010
Residence Coordinator ( for women )
Email: chokiyuden.pce@rub.edu.bt



Mr. Wangchen
Mobile: 17542664
Mess In charge
Email: wangchen.pce@rub.edu.bt