Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The link to contact information for PCE staff can be found from OUR PEOPLE Menu.


The Programs offered at the College are:


  1. B.Ed in Primary Education : 4 years course
  2. B.Ed in Dzongkha Primary: 4 years course
  3. Masters in Primary Education (Mathematics, English, Science) : 2 years course
  4. Masters in Inclusive Education : 2 years course
  5. Postgraduate in Dzongkha Education: 1.5 year course
  6. Diploma in physical Education & Sports Coaching: 2 years course
  7. B.Ed in Primary Education (Part time) : 4 years course
  8. Masters in Leadership and Management (part time): 2 years course 
  9. Masters in Dzongkha Education (Part time): 2 years course 
  10. Diploma in Early Childhood Care Development (Part time): 3 years course 

The University year is divided into two academic semesters, Spring and Autumn, which runs for approximately fifteen weeks. Spring Semester starts in February, and Autumn Semester starts in July.

The PCE is divided into two campuses namely Nangkha choling campus and Rinpung campus. The PCE academic zone contains facilities such as classrooms, seminar halls, conference halls, an IT center, ECCD center, Heritage and Professional Development center, library,  and faculty offices.  We have a newly constructed building for Health and Physical Developemnt Programme with facilities such as Lap pool, fitness center, conference hall and class rooms.  The recreational and residential zones currently include spacious, comfortable and convenient residences for students and staff, a gymnasium, and football, basketball and other playing fields.

The candidates wishing to apply at Paro College of Education can contact the Student Record office at phone number +975-8-276663