B.Ed Primary Part Time.

Bachelor of Primary Education Studies (4 years -Part Time) 

General Aims

  • Develop competence and confidence in content knowledge and skills that the student teachers will require to teach effectively in the primary classes (PP– VI).
  •  Enhance the student teachers’ understanding of how primary children learn best.
  •  Equip the student teachers with the most contemporary pedagogy suitable for the primary classes.
  •  Pursue thorough study of the primary curriculum (PP- VI).



The specific objectives of the programme are to develop teachers who:

  • i. Have a sound understanding of both theory and practice and their links.
  • ii. Are well-versed in appropriate teaching aids and materials and can themselves make a variety of these from recycled and environmental materials.
  • iii. Have an extensive range of child-centered teaching methodologies and can select appropriately from these depending on the class, situation and learning area.
  • iv. Are reflective, self-motivated learners who critically analyze, can knowledgeably justify their opinions and can evaluate, hypothesize and synthesize, so that they can develop the same attributes in their school students.
  • v. Can recognize and respond well to individual differences.
  • vi. Are committed to ongoing, formative assessment and individual record-keeping and understand that assessment of learning is primarily to inform their own teaching.
  • vii. Understand, and are committed to their future role as agents for change in schools as well as in the larger system and the society.
  • viii. Are flexible and responsive, not formulae-driven in their lesson planning and implementation.
  • ix. Are lifelong learners and use the knowledge and skills gained as a basis for professional improvement and personal development.


Programme Structure

       Year One                Year Two            Year Three          Year Four
Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 1 Sem 2


Education system

EDN 101

Creative Arts in lower primary

EDN 104

Play Development and Early Childhood

EDN 206

Teaching methods in upper primary


Multi-grade teaching


















Teaching children with special needs


ICT in teaching and learning


Functional Information Technology


Skills for effective teaching


Teaching methods in lower primary



Action Research


Dzongkha Teaching in lower primary


Math in upper primary 1


Foundations of early childhood education


Child Development EDN102

Math in lower primary 1


Math in lower primary 2


Dzongkha Language in lower primary DZG201 Assessing learning EDN311 HPE in upper primary HPE402 English across the curriculum ENG405

Theory and principles of teaching children a language


Listening and speaking


Reading and Writing in lower primary


Primary science


Reading and Writing in upper primary


Writing and Reading in Dzongkha


Math in upper primary


Sound and Speech ENG101




Action Research

Project: EDN418

Knowing, Learning and Teaching EDN416

Guidance and Counselling EDN420

Improving Testing EDN421

Admission Criteria

A candidate enrolled in the B.Ed Primary programme should at the time of registration meet the following requirements. He/she should:

  • Have passed class XII examination from a recognized board/university with the following ability ratings;
English 5
Dzongkha 5
3 Other Subjects 1
  • Be physically and mentally fit to carry out the rigorous academic tasks required by the programme.
  • Be selected firstly through the merit ranking and then through a thorough viva voce.
  • Produce the following documents at the time of selection interview and admission:
  • Copy of Citizenship Identity Card.
  • Original copy of Class X and XII mark sheets and certificates.
  • Original copy of School Leaving Certificate (from the last school attended).
  • Original copy of Character Certificate from the last school attended
  • Copy of Certificate of birth (ke-tsi) or health card, which should be produced if the date of birth is not mentioned in any of the above documents.
  • vi. Original copy of Certificate of Fitness from an authorized medical officer.
  • vii. Original copy of Security Clearance from the Royal Bhutan Police, Thimphu.

For Inquiries , you may contact:

Mr. Jurme Thinley                                                                                                         Mr. Karma Yeshey

Programme Leader                                                                                                        Dean of Academic Affairs

B.Ed Primary                                                                                                                  Email: karmayeshey.pce@rub.edu.bt

Email: jurmethinley.pce@rub.edu.bt                                                                              Phone # +975-8-271620

Phone # +975-8-271487

Fee Structure 

Inquires about tuition fees may be directed to sangaychoden.pce@rub.edu.bt at phone number +975-8-271497