Nangkhar Choeling Learning Center

Nangkhar Choeling Learning Center




Established as educational innovation, Nangka Choeling Learning Centre (NCLC), located in the student residential area, is designed to provide the physical and psychological conditions for students to cultivate sustained reading habits, intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning. The creative learning space was officially launched on 22nd February 2021 by former Tsugla Lopon, Samten Dorji.

The centre is a space where students have access to books, with zero cost as the books have been donated by various personnel who visited the centre. A well-read teacher can inspire students to cultivate lifelong reading habits and keep their minds open, wide and spacious. It is based on the belief that a community of knowledgeable teachers can help build learning schools that in turn will help to build a thinking nation, thereby creating a knowledge society.

This creative space provides students the accessibility to resources that will aid in their learning and personal development. The students have access to facilities such as computers and projector with Wi-Fi access. The learning space creates a conducive environment for students to carry out group discussions and presentation preparations.

With the establishment of Nangka Choeling Learning Centre, it has added tremendous benefits for the students in terms of overall personal and academic well-being. Some of the salient features of the centre are;

  1. All the books are donated.
  2. Lending of the books is not allowed to provide access to the books all the time.
  3. The centre is kept open until 10:30-11:00pm.
  4. Anybody can visit the centre.
  5. The committee consists of two student representatives.
  6. Two students (a boy and a girl) are assigned on daily basis to look after the centre.