Kinley Dorjee

Professional biography

Kinley Dorji, PhD, is a teacher educator and a linguist. He started his teaching career as a teacher educator in 2003 at the Paro College of Education. Since then, he has been teaching both undergraduate and post graduate courses at the college. His subjects of specialization include English Education, Applied Linguistics, Research and other professional subjects related to teacher education. He has also developed training courses in English education and research and trained school teachers in the area of English education and research. Besides teaching educational research method modules in the post graduate courses, he has also supervised M.Ed. thesis for the school leaders in Bhutan.  He served as a member of the Higher Degree Research Committee of the Royal University of Bhutan (2013-2015), and also as an external examiner to the English Degree programme at the Sherabtse College (2015-2017). He has conducted extensive research on Dzongkha, Dzongkha tones and segments, borrowing in Dzongkha, Sociolinguistics of Dzongkha, among others. His research in education includes gender differences in learning English, Academic writing, and language pedagogy. At present, he is a member of the National Dzongkha Language Expert Committee and an editor to the Asian Scholars Network – Journal of Qualitative Social Sciences’ (based in Bangladesh).