Sherub Tshomo

Professional biography

Sherub Tshomo, has a Master’s degree in Psychology and has been teaching Psychology related modules at Paro College of Education since 2008. She can be best described as someone who is (sometimes a little too) passionate about her job. She believes in focusing on the process of learning rather than on the end product and as such prioritizes her effort in providing individualized opportunity and being accessible to each student in their learning journey. Furthermore, she is an ardent supporter of the idea “children must be taught how to think, not what to think” and she will go the extra mile to materialize this idea.

Since her joining, she has written, reviewed and taught both undergraduate and graduate modules. Besides this, she has also been the Project manager for UNFPA funded project “Life Skills Based Sexuality Education” for three years. During her managerial role, she has initiated and conducted numerous sexuality education work-shops and two international seminars for students, lecturers, administrators of the RUB and other stakeholders.

At research front, she has varied research interests, however; her primary interests lie in three different fields: 1) how people learn, 2) how people become who they are and 3) human sexuality.

Beyond her teaching job, she is a passionate learner, who enjoys discovering, debating and constructing new ideas. One of her biggest fear in her profession is not being memorable!!