Online Admissions

Prospective students seeking admission into undergraduate (bachelors) programmes offered at Paro College of Education can apply online. Currently students who have secured government scholarship (tuition and stipend/living allowance) are admitted into programmes based on online admissions administered centrally through the University-wide online admission system. Apart from this centrally administered admission system, the College conducts online admission for its other undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Currently these programmes include:

  • Master of Inclusive Education
  • Master of Dzongkha Education Studies
  • Master of Educational Leadership & Development
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (in case of prospective students who are self-financed)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development Studies
  • Diploma in Physical Education & Sport Coaching

The online admission system and acceptance of candidature has four important steps.

STEP 01:      Downloading the Application Form from the PCE website, completing the Form and submitting it online.

STEP 02:      Uploading all relevant documents as specified in the admissions guidelines/checklist.

STEP 03:      Writing an online competency test/essay (which will be evaluated according to published criteria).

STEP 04:      Participating in an interview (e.g. using skype, Zoom, video conference, etc.).

STEP 05:      Checking the outcome of the application online.