Fast Facts

 Fast Facts 


Paro College of Education has grown steadily and kept pace with domestic and global trends in education since its establishment in November 1975. There have been significant milestones over its past four and a half decades of development.

 Nov 1975:       Established as a pre-school care teacher training centre (TTC).

 Jun 1985:        Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC) programme introduced.

 Feb 1993:        18-month teaching certificate programme for Dzongkha Teachers launched.

 Aug 1999:       Bachelor of Primary Education Studies (for Dzongkha and English) launched.

 Nov 1999:       Her Majesty Gyalyum Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck inaugurated the new academic blocks at Nangkar Choeling campus.

 Jul 2000:         Erstwhile Teacher Training Centre (TTC) upgraded to National Institute of Education (NIE).

 May 2001:       Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) launched.

 Jan 2002:        Master of Education in Leadership & Management launched as a part-time programme. 

 Aug 2002:       Bachelor of Secondary Education programme launched.

 Sep 2003:       NIE Paro became a constituent College of Royal University of Bhutan (RUB).

 Jul 2006:         NIE Paro renamed Paro College of Education.

 Jan 2006:        Bachelor of Education (Dzongkha) launched and offered through part-time mode.

 2006:               Royal University of Bhutan Sports Federation established with its Secretariat at PCE.

 Feb 2007:        Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Dzongkha) launched.

 Jan 2012:        Bachelor of Primary Education (part-time) programme introduced.

 Jan 2014       Master of Education (part-time) for Dzongkha teachers launched.

 Jan 2015       Diploma in Physical Education & Sports Coaching launched.

 Jan 2015:        Diploma in Early Childcare and Development (part-time) launched.

 Aug 2019:       The Rinpung Experiment launched as a discursive platform for exchange of knowledge and opinions about education and development.

 Feb 2020:        Master of Education in Inclusive Education launched.

 Feb 2020:        Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Dzongkha) launched as an 18-month programme with a system of three-tier teaching                                                                       practicum/professional experience.

 Jul 2020:       Bachelor of Primary Education Studies (Dzongkha) launched as a four-year programme with new modules in Bhutanese traditional music and                                    mindfulness meditation introduced.  

Feb 2021:        Master of Education in Primary English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics Education launched.