Vision, Mission & Core Values

 PCE  Vision


A Leader in Educational Innovation and Progressive Growth Fostered by Excellence in Teaching, Research and Cultural Heritage.



 PCE  Mission

  • To achieve excellence in teacher education, research, and learning technologies that are relevant to schools in Bhutan and the World. 
  • To prepare teachers who are competent, passionate, committed, and well regarded practitioners and leaders in education. 
  • To foster research informed educational innovation, knowledge creation and professional practices relevant to school education. 
  • To offer academic programmes and research services that are responsive to the changing needs and aspirations of society. 
  • To meet the lifelong learning needs of in-service teachers, educators and other educational professionals through professional learning       courses that are current, flexible, and rigorous. 
  • To produce research that impacts education policy and contributes to the improvement of educational practices within PCE and in the            schools. 



PCE Objectives 


As one of the leading teacher education colleges in the country, Paro College of Education will make sustained efforts to:


  • Be a preferred destination for Bhutanese and international students for teacher education and professional development. 
  • Produce graduates who are recognized for their knowledge and competence by employers and higher education institutions                             within and outside the country. 
  • Gain reputation for the quality and standard of its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and policy relevant research. 
  • Be a model higher education institution where programmes, professional practices and services reflect the values of GNH. 
  • Be known for its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive student support services. 
  • Create a growth-oriented and enabling work culture and values that motivate existing staff and attract talents. 
  • Be known as an institution driven by a culture of educational innovation and progressive growth. 
  • Provide its students authentic immersion programmes for cultural knowledge and experience. 



PCE  Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership in Educational Change & Innovation
  • Shared Values & Team Work
  • Culture, Heritage and Sustainable Development