Welcome to PCE


As a constituent College of Royal University of Bhutan, Paro College of Education (PCE) is positioned to provide Bhutanese society the high quality teacher education and training it deserves. As the leading and only teacher education institution in Bhutan that provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a range of educational development areas such as early childcare, creative arts and music, primary education, health and physical culture, special education, and educational leadership, PCE is proud to be a driving force in the country’s development effort. We play a critical role in the education, training and continuous professional and leadership development of teachers in Bhutan.


At PCE, we offer programmes that reinforce the mutuality and interconnection between theory and practice, thus giving our students a wealth of experience they will find relevant and worthwhile in their professional settings and circumstances. Our Masters programmes give students sufficient training and practical experience in educational inquiry by engaging in practice-based, school-based and action-oriented research projects. We provide our international students rich academic and research experiences and an abundance of opportunities to understand and appreciate Bhutanese society, culture and way of life.

PCE is committed to providing our teachers and school leaders the knowledge, competencies and resilience they need in today’s fast moving, ever changing and innovative educational terrain.   


PCE’s academic staff are active researchers and they provide policy and programmatic support to the Ministry of Education, other agencies in government, and civil society.

I am delighted to welcome you to PCE and thank you for your continued interest to visit us and see what we do. 


Trashi Delek.


                                                     Dorji Thinley, PhD