Cheki Wangdi

Professional biography

Cheki Wangdi, bearing employee ID No. 9910088 is working in Paro College of Education as a teacher educator. He started his teaching career since October 1999. After completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from NIE, Samtse in the year 2000 (currently known as Samtse college of Education), he worked as a teacher in Daga Middle Secondary School from 2001 till mid-2004.  While in Daga MSS, beside teaching students, he shouldered responsibilities such as house advisor, class teacher, and also officiated as the school Principal for six months. In July 2004, he was selected to undergo Master’s course in the University of New England, Australia. He successfully completed his master’s degree in July 2005. He joined Paro College of Education in August 2005. In the summer of 2006, he attended a short course on leadership and administration in the University of STFX, Nova Scotia, Canada.  As a lecturer, he has reviewed, written as well as examined and taught undergraduate and post graduate courses/students. He also took up the leadership role as the HOD for the Arts and Humanities Department from 2006 till 2008. He has been offering the course on Leadership and Administration to the school principals since 2006. He also worked as the Collaborative House Advisor in Paro College of Education from 2007-2009. Currently, he is a member of M.Ed. program committee.