Phuntsho Dolma

Professional biography

Phuntsho Dolma, PhD, is currently a teacher educator, mainly in educating student teachers mathematically. She  has  been  always  leading  in  educating  student  teachers  with  her  full dedication and had been the first  ever  educator  completing both masters  and PhD  in mathematics  education  in  the  history  of  Bhutanese  education  system.  She  started  to  teach  in June 1989. Since then she has written and assessed courses, taught higher secondary school students,  undergraduate and postgraduate students, trained  school  teachers, and supervised undergraduate  and masters  theses.  In  2009, she  was  appointed  by  the  Royal  Civil  Service Commission  as  the  Dean  of  Student  Affairs,  first  of  the  kind  in  the  history  of  Paro  College  of Education. 


Between  1989  and  1994  she  was  school  mathematics  teacher  (one  of  the  first  female mathematics  teachers  in  the  history  of  Bhutanese  education  system)  and Assistant  Principal (appointed  by  the  Royal  Civil  Service  Commission  in  1992) at  Mongar Secondary  School.


Beside her normal teaching job as mathematics teacher, she was heavily involved in multi-task forces  such  as  librarian, hostel  provost, homescience coordinator  and assisting the school principal. Her noble contribution to the school could reach to the higher authorities (including His Majesty and Her Majesties) and as a reward, she received a scholarship to complete Advanced Diploma in Mathematics Education from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom (1993-1994).


Further,  her  contribution  as  a  homescience  coordinator  and  hostel  provost  to  the  school  was mentioned in National Education Policy (Early 1990s) as a role model to the rest of the schools and teachers in terms of guiding students towards being self-sufficient citizen of the nation.  

Beside her numerous duties in Mongar High School, she has also served as cashier to National Women  Association  of  Bhutan  under  Mongar  Dzongkhag  and could contribute  her  service  in sponsoring several batches of orphan children to schools (PP – X). She is living to see those orphan children doing well in their life and serving the country with outmost dedication. 


In  July  1994, upon  completion  of her  Advance  Diploma  in  Mathematics  Education  from  the university of Leeds, UK, she was hand picked and transferred to Teacher Training College as lecturer in mathematics (the first ever mathematics lecturer in the history). In her teaching and leadership (Dean of Student Affairs) roles, she has contributed and nurtured the development of several  teaching  and  learning  courses  and manuals,  mainly  related  to  educating  students mathematically  that emphasize  rigor,  relevance  and  real-world  competencies  through  teacher education. She is  currently  the Chair  of  Primary  Board  of  Evaluation  (PBE),  PCE’s  B.Ed. Programme and a member of Bachelor of Education Programme (Primary).