Professional biography

Lhaden is a Lecturer in Science Education. She started her career as a teacher educator in 2008. As a teacher educator, she has been working tirelessly to provide a supportive learning environment by understanding the learners and thus design programs and activities to cater to individual learning needs.


Lhaden specializes in teaching Primary Science, teaching Skills and strategies together with Project-based learning. She also teaches child development and educational psychology. She has trained teachers for Bachelors of education, Post graduate Diploma in Education and Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development. In her position, teaching and supervision, she has developed and reviewed various programs for Bachelors of Primary and Secondary Education. She also has written chapters for education textbooks for Bhutan. She is committed to the provision of high quality teacher education through strong policy, excellent programming and exemplary practices.

Her research interest includes STEM education, early childhood education and project based learning.                     

                                                 Email: lhaden.pce@rub.edu.bt