Karma Jigyel

Professional biography

Karma Jigyel PhD, is a Lecturer and a Programme Leader for Master of Education in Inclusive Education. Under his leadership Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) introduced the first ever fulltime postgraduate course of Master of Education in Inclusive Education in 2020. He joined the teaching profession in 2001 and taught mathematics and physics in a middle school.

In 2006 he was transferred to a teacher’s college, Samtse College of Education, RUB as a lecturer. He offered courses such as educational assessment, mathematics and professional courses both to undergraduate and postgraduate students. In January 2008 he moved to Paro College of Education and took roles of Department Head, academic and research committee member and club coordinator.  He offered courses such as educational assessment, mathematics, research and leadership courses to undergraduate students, postgraduate students, in-service teachers and principals. Further, in his teaching and leadership roles he has written courses on inclusive and special education, classroom assessment, research methods and projects, mathematics education, offered consultancy services, and fostered national and international networks with stakeholders. He has also supervised Masters theses and reviewed journal manuscripts for international universities.  

Email: karmajigyel.pce@rub.edu.bt