Rinchen Tshewang

Professional biography


Rinchen Tshewang, PhD  is an Assistant Professor. He has PhD from Queensland University of Technology and M.Sc (Maths Education) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. He received his PGCE in Economics & Mathematics from NIE, Samtse and B.A.(Hons) in Economics from Sherubtse College. He has been a teacher and teacher educator for the last 25 years. He started his teaching career in 1st November, 1995. Since then he has taught secondary school students, undergraduate and postgraduate students, trained school teachers and principals. He worked as a teacher at Sarpang Junior High School from November 1995 to July 1996, and at Tangmachhu High School from July 1997 to February 1999. He was transferred to Paro College of Education, the then Teacher Training College in March, 1999. Besides, teaching and among many other job responsibilities, he had coordinated the Examination Unit for almost a decade (from July 2004 to April 2013) at the college.


In addition, he has facilitated various in-country consultancy and professional development workshops/trainings to different clients for government as well many as private institutions. Dr. Rinchen currently looks after the Teaching Practice Unit of the college, and supervises both M.Ed (Educational Leadership and Management) and M.Ed (Dzongkha) research projects. 

Email: rinchentshewang.pce@rub.edu.bt