Thinley Phuntsho

Professional biography


Thinley Phuntsho, (Master in Computer Science) is a teacher educator. He started to teach in February 2009. And he is currently an ICT faculty of Paro College of Education under the Royal University of Bhutan. He has taught ICT electives module (ICT202, ICT203, ICT204, ICT408, ICT 410), ICT literacy, ICT in education, functional information technology, educational assessment and evaluation, skills for effective teaching and teaching strategy courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has 11 years of experience in the teaching profession in tertiary education. He has participated as co-researchers in the research team in the college. Recently, he is engaged in developing the ICT modules for the new primary curriculum in the college. He has also written information technology literacy and ICT modules for the new Dzongkha primary program. As of now, he is a B.Ed. programme committee member in the program broad of examiners, PBE (2019). In his capacity, he has contributed to the development of the PgDE modules translation for the teaching skills. (2019).He has started the culture of the academic literary activities in the college for the professional growth of student’s learning. (2010-2017). He has also been worked as team member for Library Renewal Partnership(LRP) which is collaborated with Phoenix International Baccalaureate in Philippines and with RUB. Currently, he is also working as a core team member for Bhutan Professional Standard Teacher, BPST ICT-CST competency standards. (2019). He believes that the act of teaching requires passionate, fascinate and commitment towards learning new innovative ideas and skills which are required in the 21st century. As a teacher educator, his conviction in education, “every child realizes the currency, recency, relevancy, need of ICT integration in learning and teaching in the 21st Century”. Thus, he carries broadly interested in doing research in educational technologies, digital technologies, and assistive technologies.    

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