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Community Mapping Training for Media Club

A total of 27 media club members from Paro College of Education (PCE) attended the workshop on community mapping on 13th and 14thAugust, 2017 as a part of step-down training.  The two day workshop on ‘Community Mapping’ was facilitated by Mr. Sonam Nima, B. Ed IV PCE, Mr. Buddha Bir, B. Ed IV PCA and Khina Maya Samal, B. Ed IV PCA who were trained by Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) in July, 2017.

This two-day workshop aimed to equip the media club members with the knowledge and skills in  identifying issues and solutions faced by the nearby communities, particularly gauged on how the youths can bring change and make a difference in the community.  The participants were introduced to the concept of community mapping and the methodological aspects to identify problems in the community.  As a part of tangible output of this workshop, the participants could identify a few issues and doable solutions in the nearby community.

One of the facilitators, Sonam Nima, said that “such programme conveys a message that individuals can play an active role to solve the problems in the community in a small way.” Metok Seldon, a participant from first year said, “I came to understand several issues around us. Moreover, I understood the importance of solving the issues and how to create awareness in the community.”

This training is the first initiative by the media club and similar training in future will be helpful.

  Dechen Pelmo & Priscilla Gurung (4PCC)

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