Teachers’ Day at the College

Teachers’ Day at the College 2016

On May 2, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the Paro College of Education celebratedthe teachers’ day.

The teachers’ day at the Paro College of Education is celebrated as a special event every year. All the lecturers and student teachers gathered in the college courtyard to celebrate this event. As a show of gratitude and appreciation for the lecturers, the student teachers came up with interesting cultural activities and speeches. Even the international students danced to a lively number to entertain and enthrall the crowd.

Ms. Amina, a lecturerat the Paro College of education said, “Teachers’ day is a very important day where the hard work, dedication, loyalty and the aspirations of our teacher gets recognized. The whole year round you work very hard and people come together to show their love and appreciation on this day. When a day like this is organized especially by the students with open hearts, it really touches us. It gives us a lot of energy to commit and look forward toworking with more dedication and loyalty.”

Mr. Karma Chimmi Wangchuk, who offers module on teaching strategies in the upper primary said, “To me, a teacher is a person who shows us the way to all the things, need not necessarily be a person who by vocation is a teacher. Even a stranger can be a teacher; even a child can be a teacher. It is not just confined to the teaching profession, it can be our parents…it can be anybody in our life.”

Mr. Jurme Thinley, another lecturer said, “Teachers’ day is not only meant for the one who teaches you but in general it is for all the teachers in the universe. Since early morning I have been receiving messages from my students. I feel very happy and I can’t express myself.  I am very interested to celebrate this day.”

 Mr. NimDorji, a student teacher of first year said, “A teacher is the manifestation of a thousand Buddhas, Jamgyang and LhamoYangchen, and because of that a teacher is very important. Teachers not only give us knowledge and wisdom, they love us as their own children. In appreciation for their limitless love and care for their students, we celebrate teachers’ day to thank them.”

Teacher’s day is observed to pay respect to the teachers of our country for their hard work, dedication and loyalty. Teachers are regarded as the backboneof our society.

Sonam Choki (2PCD)