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  1. RABSEL – The CERD educational journal

Rabsel: the CERD Educational Journal is a research journal published twice a year in spring and autumn. It is a multidisciplinary publication presenting research and scholarly reviews related to education. All papers considered appropriate for this journal are peer-reviewed anonymously by both the national and external reviewers.

The CERD uses Specific manuscript guidelines for the convenience of authors, reviewers and publishers. For details, refer Rabsel – the CERD Educational Journal Guidelines for Manuscript.

Deadline for submission:        Spring – 30th January

                                                     Autumn – 30th July

  1. Journal of Educational Action Research​ (JEAR)

Journal of Educational Action Research (JEAR) is published once a year in spring and autumn. It is a journal committed to educational action research or related scholarly papers. A blind peer review process of its manuscripts involves both national and external reviewers.

For more information about the submission processes, kindly refer the JEAR Manuscript Guidelines.

Deadline for submission: 30th June


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