Learning Centre

Welcome to the PCE Learning Centre

The Learning Centre at the Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan, is a friendly, open place where students and faculty can come to enhance their learning.

The mission of the LC is to offer assistance that will build writing, reading, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills, and ALSO to encourage the development of GNH values in education by fostering a sense of accountability and responsibility for individual and collaborative learning outside of the classroom.

History: The PCE Learning Centre was launched in March, 2010, under the directorship of  Profs. Roy and Nancy Greenwood, volunteers from the Bhutan-Canada Foundation. Their work was continued starting August 2011, by Ms. Natalie Charlton, also a Bhutan-Canada Foundation volunteer. Dr. Gretchen Legler, a visiting Fulbright Fellow, began co-directing the LC in October 2011 with PCE faculty member Mr. Karma Dorji


Staffing, Location and Hours:

The Learning Center is staffed by visiting international faculty, by PCE lecturers, and by PCE Peer Mentors, all of whom are eager to share their knowledge and skill.

First floor of the School Building 5.

Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00 (closed for lunch from 12:30-1:30).

Keep up to date on workshops and other Learning Center events on the Paro College VLE: http://vle.pce.edu.bt




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At the Learning Centre You Can:

►Get help understanding difficult readings and assignments

►Practice your spoken English

►Join your peers to do group projects

►Work with a peer mentor to become a stronger writer

►Attend workshops to learn more about:


  • Oral presentation skills
  • APA style for referencing and citation
  • Exam study tips
  • Research strategies
  • Academic and Creative writing


     What PCE Students Say About the Learning Center….

►“At first I felt hesitant because of my lack of confidence, but after visiting for several times I feel it is very enjoyable and helpful.”

►“What I don’t know can be assisted by the Learning Centre. You can take any topic or issue for help.”

►“For me the Learning Centre is a place where we learn new information which we might not be able to do on our own.”

►“I feel really comfortable there; it feels like learning, and it really motivates me to explore more.”

►“Most of the time I am reluctant to visit the Learning Centre, but I think it helps the college student a lot.”

►“When I was a first year, I was less confident and I was not able to decide whether to visit or not. I only visited when I had a friend accompanying me.”

►“When I first visited the Learning Centre, I felt it was like a helping hand to me. Experts helped me to do APA referencing, and it helped me in doing my assignments.”

►“If we need any support and help, we can learn a lot by visiting there.”

Helpful Online Resources:

The following Websites offer some excellent resources for almost any kind of help you might need, including how to do a literature review, how to cite sources and create a reference list in APA style, how to do an oral presentation, how to write an academic essayand much more.