CERD Conducts AR Workshop

CERD Conducts AR Workshop

A two-day Action Research (AR) workshop was conducted by the Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) on October 22-23 for students in the college.

The AR workshop was conducted to “help further develop the research competence of the student-teachers who have taken research courses and were working on the research project” said Ramesh Thapa, the Research officer at the CERD. This was also in an effort to create a forum for the entire student to come together and discuss issues related to research. Action Research is offered as a module in the college whereby a single or two tutors teach the module throughout the semester. Although many such workshops were conducted in the past, this was the first of its kind in the college for the students.

Around 50 participants including;principals and school-teachers from nearby schools,and the student teachers from the college took part in the workshop. The workshop was facilitated by five faculty and researchers from the college. The Research Officer said much of the student participants were expected to take part in the workshop.

MahaDhaviWaklay, a fourth year studentwho was one of the participants said, “It was worth attending it. It really helped me. All my doubts were cleared, extended my knowledge.”The school principals andteachers also expressed their gratitude for getting an opportunity to attend such workshop. They said that henceforth they will be able to take action research whenever any kind of problems arise in the school. Some teachers were already doing the research and came to attend the workshop to receive further support and insights.

Chandrika Neopany, the other participants said that “It was really a comprehensive workshop. Initially I thought only the student-teachers would be the participants but there were also the teachers from the field who were participating in the workshop. I am very happy that I attended the workshop as my vague ideas on Action Research were cleared also I got an opportunity to learn and explore the SPSS 22 software for data analysis. I really enjoyed it.”

The workshop was funded by Global Development Network (GDN) in partnership with the Royal University of Bhutan.


Ratna Bahadur Dahal (4MIT)