Aerobic Fitness Festival strikes the PCE

First ever aerobic fitness festival was held at the PCE on the evening of 8th April 2016.

The court yard was filled with student-teachers and lecturers. They were eager and excited to dance along to the video being projected on a wall of a building. Everyone enjoyed the festival which went on till dusk. The participants’ enjoyment was evident from their involvement in the workout.  Their sweat soaked bodies were a clear indication of a through workout.

The aerobic fitness festival was a collaborative idea of the second year students and some lecturers.It was the first event of its kind held in the PCE on Friday the 8th of April at 6:30pm in the court yard. A few lecturers along with the 2nd year student teachers who are currently studying the HPE module participated in the event. Mr. Puspalal Sharma, the HPE module tutor said that the idea of making it as a festival was to create awareness among the people to live an active life style by being fit and healthy.

One of the participant said that, “Many people find physical education a waste of time and a work load. Some parents blame the school for involving their children in play as they just want their children excel in academics only”.  However, these kind of awareness eventscan make them realize the importance of physical fitness.

Exercise is the only solution for keeping ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally fit.“Aerobic fitness dance is one of the important topicsfor second year and fourth year students and I have been teaching this module since 2009. I am glad to see my students becoming conscious about their nutrition and their fitness, which shows a positive response to the module”, Puspalal added.

The festival lasted for more than an hour. The participants expect similar programmes in the future. Refreshments organized by the college management were served at the end of the event.

Sonam Dema and Dechen Pelmo (2PCC)